Meditation enhances the quality of our lifestyle. It boosts your decision making skills because it improves how you feel, how you think, and how you interact with others and with the whole universe. Sessions of meditation rid you from stress; they help you clear your mind, relax, focus, and thus connect you to your inner wisdom and to the outer wisdom as well. Very beneficial to our minds and bodies, meditation can take one of us into a different world of peace and abilities while still living on earth. However, all the benefits of meditation, and much more, can be reached through another channel, namely, “Prayer.”

Prayer is more effective and more beneficial. Some people may find prayer more difficult for them and others are not ready to cultivate religious habits, for them, meditation will be more suitable. However, for those whose religious beliefs are at hand, they can always reap more benefits if they develop a consistent practice of prayer.

In every way, prayer beats meditation. Here are some points that explain how:

  • Unlike meditation, Prayer is more understood by people. It means a lot to them because it’s an important worship which fulfills their spiritual needs. Prayer fills the gap and carries you to peaceful areas in the vicinity of GOD.
  • Unlike meditation, Prayer touches faith which is situated in the Subconscious. The Subconscious is the most powerful side in human beings. When the Subconscious believes something, it turns it into reality. Besides, it is the only human side that can receive directly from the higher intelligence that GOD implanted in the universe.
  • Unlike meditation, Prayer is full of positive emotions, such as hope, such as trust in and gratitude to GOD, etc. Positive emotions energize people and put them on the road towards achieving things with skill and speed: Positive emotions work like fire in the straw.
  • Prayer is easier to perform and is more engaging to people than meditation.
  • Unlike meditation, Prayer strengthens the relationship between human beings and their Creator.
  • Prayer makes people feel more obedient to GOD and closer to collecting good deeds. The least this can do is to give people comfort, real happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Energy will definitely follow.
  • Prayer helps people reach their goals through direct asking. People can always ask GOD for what they want and if they couple that with taking the right action, most probably, they will get what they wanted or something better. In that sense, Prayer is a very successful tool for achieving goals.
  • People pray to GOD to ask for something then, what they prayed for realizes: this process of asking then receiving puts you on a higher level of trust, reassurance, confidence, and faith in GOD among many other positive things.

Nothing meditation achieves to people that prayer cannot achieve and in a much better way. Calmness, clarity, focus, better decisions, higher thinking abilities, being connected to your inner wisdom, being connected to the outer wisdom of the universe, etc., all of that and more can be obtained through praying.

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