Egyptian Indie Author. Graduated in Girls’ Colleges, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, majoring in English and Comparative Literature.

At the American University in Cairo (AUC,) she studied translation first then studied for her Master’s degree where she had a turning point by choosing to study sociology/anthropology. By that, she came closer to people, working with them and for them.

She worked as free translator, as research assistant, sociology tutor then, in 2007, she started her career as Independent Author by publishing her first book in Arabic.

Being interested in human development and personal growth, Sahar became student and follower of the Late Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky’s – leading Egyptian expert in success and personal growth. With him, she was awarded a Trainer’s and an Assistant Hypnotist’s certificates.

Sahar contributed in Brian Tracy’s best seller, Cracking The Success Code (2012,) where she shared insights on an episode of her personal success.

Writing on success and personal growth, Sahar sees that Western and Islamic principles of personal growth are almost identical. She also sees that when she writes on family, relationships and women’s rights, she doesn’t only defend women’s rights buy also defends the whole family’s rights. For Sahar, when women enjoy their rights in full, their family members enjoy healthier and more valuable existences.

Her recently published book, Fourth Wife Free, deals with the rising calls for polygamy practice in Muslim countries.

Sahar is a wife and a mother of a son and two daughters.