If you’re in a bad mood, change it immediately by doing some thing(s) of the following:

  1. Change the place you’re in: take a break if you are at work, go outdoor if you are home, change the room, etc.
  2. Change the subject that gave you the bad mood; concentrate on something more important and really pleasant for you.
  3. If you’re home and you can’t go outdoor for some reason, have a bath and give yourself something extra than usual: new aroma, oil, or just some extra time of relaxation.
  4. Have the coffee or the drink you love the most; take your time to sip and enjoy it. A little piece of chocolate is said to improve the mood.
  5. Do your favorite activity; if you love walking, window shopping, writing, singing, organizing thinking, etc., take some time to do that.
  6. Do something different that you wanted to do but didn’t have the chance; visit a new place, go to the outskirts of the town or the city you live in, or buy something you can afford that you know you needed.
  7. Give charity or do an act of benevolence towards a human being or any living being.
  8. It would be helpful if you can watch birds flying, pets playing, fish in tank, or little children interacting together. Take your time to attentively watch the peaceful fish, the active birds, the funny pets, or the innocent kids.
  9. Talk to someone you know s/he would lift you up without making them notice you were down: that way you will feel free to talk to that person without burdening them with your problems.

By doing something(s) of those, you can quickly improve your mood. After your mood improves, and if you know there is a problem that still need solving, you should start on solving it and take all measures to do that while you are in good mood and seek help if needed.