Cairo tower, el-gezira


It is said that when you come into possession of something, your excitement about it starts to fade. In other words, you find your comfort zone concerning that possession and you begin taking it for granted.

     This happens when a child gets a new toy, it happens to young couples after marriage, and it may also happen to the wonderful tourist sites that fall in a nearby area to you.

     Although I have always been keen not to fall in the usual traps that catch people, still, I am a human being and I am Egyptian too: I couldn’t escape some of those traps. Actually, many Egyptians haven’t seen several landmarks in Egypt even when they live close to them. Many Egyptians go to tourist sites only to have fun, food, and photographs but never really “watch.”

     Fortunately, I belong to neither groups still, I couldn’t be rid of those feelings of “being in possession of the Egyptian heritage.”

     As I was searching for nice pictures of important Egyptian monuments to post here on my page, I became stunned of how empty handed I turned out. I, too, haven’t been visiting important tourist sites of my country except very little and I haven’t been in the habit to taking photographs too.

     It has always been a pleasure to see foreigner tourists coming to my country with cameras hanging on the neck. They have been ready to take long walks in order to watch tourist sites and photograph them. They were always present in Cairo streets before. I did the same when I went to Paris but why not doing that in my own country with all the love I have for her?

     To do justice to Egyptians, I have to mention that they constitute the number one travelers in religious tourism. In going to pilgrimage and umra (lesser pilgrimage,) Egyptians are known to be in much higher rates than Saudi Arabians who deal with Makah and Medina the same way Egyptians deal with the pyramids.

     It seems that all human beings are ready to feel in possession of their countries’ heritages and to take them for granted!!

     Anyway, courtesy to planet-ware website ( where I found these beautiful pictures of Egypt, I guess I should follow their steps by revisiting my country’s landmark places and taking nice pictures too.


al-Azhar park, Cairo
Muhammad Ali mosque, citadel, Cairo
a building downtown Cairo
pyramids of Egypt