Do you think that life would be better if its harsh face softens or disappears? Maybe you want to reconsider such opinion. If the harsh parts of life soften or disappear, there would be no challenge and no excitement in life. Actually, that would not be life, it would be the ‘afterlife’.

The harsh parts of life are very important for our development and growth.  They teach us how to become strong and experienced persons; they push us to work hard and to have achievements; they make us build character and create success; and they enable us to enjoy and to appreciate happy moments and healthy relationships. If it were not for life hardships, no happy moments would be lived and no achievements and successes would be there.

Even when it comes to love, only that noble pain you lived before will enable you to give love to others and receive it from them. Have trust in your Creator and in your abilities, you will do fine in front of difficulties and you will emerge victorious.


“Every problem has solution,” wise people say. Sometimes, solutions to problems come directly by the hands of Providence but we cannot depend on that because the universe always helps those who help themselves. It is our duty to do the best we can to solve our problems and the more we put effort and thinking, the better trained we become in finding solutions and the more deserving to receive help from GOD.


As long as we live, problems and difficulties must come. All we need is to learn from each problem in order to become more competent in facing new ones. You are not the only one who has problems, all people do. Everyone has her/his problems fit for them and when you get the chance to look into their problems, you would realize that your own problems are the easiest for you. Just remember that the only place where no problems exist is when we leave this life.  Life without problems becomes a boring place where no growth nor achievements happen.


Problems and hardships are part of life ingredients. Their function is to test you and to test your ability to learn and to acquire skills in dealing with difficult moments. It is important that you take things easy when problems happen because if you get angry, you will make the problem stay longer with you. If you get angry, you will be taking your brain to a “no-thinking” zone and that will prevent you from finding solutions quickly. But if you keep calm when problems occur, if you take deep breaths, and take things easy, your brain will continue working with full capacity and so, solutions will be right there. The more you keep calm in front of adversities, the more you will stay in control of the whole situation.


Endurance makes you tolerate hardships and accept them with strength and pride. You have learned endurance since you were a little child. Remember when you were the youngest, the shortest, and the least informed among your parents and your grown up relatives? You endured all that and many other things with tolerance and pride. You only lived on the promise that one day, you will be as tall, as strong, and as smart as grown up people. You also endured school years with all the difficult things about them. You endured all that because you were told you would become smart and successful.

It is amazing how children are enduring and patient little persons and it is a pity how many grown ups avoid using the beautiful qualities they learned as children but you’re not one of those.


The happy moments you have with your loved ones are the fuel that keep you going during life’s toil. However, happiness can have a separate existence inside you too. That type of Happiness will exist inside you whether you are together with the persons you love or not, whether you live a golden stage in your life or not, and whether you have already achieved your goals in life or not. It is the type of Happiness which demands you to take the bold decision of being Happy right here and right now!

Your happiness is your own decision:

  • Decide to be Happy with what you have already even if you have little.
  • Decide to be thankful for that little.
  • Decide to be Happy and thankful that you have more than many other people around the world.
  • Decide that you will do your best to achieve your goals in order to make yourself happier and also in order to help others become happy.
  • Decide that you will help making one person happy every month or every week.
  • Decide just to smile everyday to one person in order to make her/his day good.

That type of Happiness is only your decision and it doesn’t depend on your relationships with the people you love. It stems from inside you and so, it will always be your own but it will shine on all those who surround you. You will be like the sun that sends its rays towards others and has her light reflected by them. No doubt, a Happy person can easily stand smiling in the face of adversities and come out winner.