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Happiness comes to those who insist on having it and who exert effort for it. And when it comes, it blesses its owners with energy to do more efforts for more happiness and for creating more achievements in life. Don’t hesitate to put effort in the basket of your happiness, it’s a sacred effort that brings you the most precious thing in life. Do all what it takes to be happy and insist on that, for happiness is much worthier than the effort done for it.


Happiness is your decision, it is your choice. Even when you go through problems, you can decide to see them as blesses. You can choose to look long enough and good enough to see the benefits that would still come to you because of a certain problem.

Nothing in life is totally negative, there must be something good about it. If you put effort to find the good points, you will be blessed by any problem you meet. It is always our task to search for the good points in every difficult situation. Never let a problem defeat you; never let a problem prevent you from searching until seeing the positive points behind it.

Maybe you haven’t been successful in an exam or maybe you haven’t got the job you had hopes to get. That wouldn’t last forever because next time, you will get really prepared for what you have ahead of you. Next time, you will exert the right effort to pass your exams and you will even get a score higher than what you expected. Next time, you will get the job you wanted or even a better one because you will be truly fit for it. You will always get what you insist on having and you will always find happiness resident inside you if you keep choosing it.

You create your happiness by choosing to be happy, by doing the right effort, and by insisting on happiness while ignoring/letting go of what hinders it.


  • Write down five things that you consider yourself lucky for having. Even if you write down two things only, that would be a good start.
  • Give yourself short sessions for experiencing the shock of “What if you didn’t have those things that you are grateful for?” That will increase your appreciation of what you have got and will increase your feeling that you are lucky for having them. For example, “What if you didn’t have your loving, understanding, and caring parents?” ; “What if you didn’t have your loyal friends who are more like family to you?” ; “What if you haven’t been successful/brilliant in your study or your work?” ; “What if you haven’t been so much appreciated and loved by your school teachers and your colleagues?” ; “What if you haven’t been lucky enough to have your loving and understanding spouse?”
  • Practice gratitude for the things in your list daily: Gratitude and happiness are two sides of a coin. Gradually, increase your gratitude to your Creator Who blessed you with all what you have; increase your gratitude to everyone and everything that made you – even for only once – feel good, feel appreciated, privileged, secure, or loved.
  • Give more thinking and more appreciation to what is written in your list. By doing that, new things will come to your mind and your list of appreciated things will grow longer.
  • Always remember that happiness resides inside yourself. No matter how hard you work in the outer world for your happiness, look for the echo inside you. That’s where all the good feelings are: contentment with what you already have, feeling at peace with yourself, being in harmony with the whole universe, feeling loved by family and friends, etc.
  • Feeling happy with what you already have brings you more happiness. This happens for two reasons, first, because the universe always gives back to you things similar to what you carry inside you and second, because the happy feeling you have will fill you with enthusiasm to work more on things that will add to your happiness.
  • Concentrate on happy things and happy thoughts most of the time. If you catch yourself thinking on something unhappy, immediately switch to a happy thing again.
  • Of course you have problems and of course you need to think of how to solve those problems. However, thinking of how to find solutions for problems doesn’t mean to go over the bad feelings they give you. With time and experience, you will master how to differentiate between solving problems and between lingering on the bad feelings they cause.