Know Yourself

Each person needs to know herself/himself well. It is important that when you choose to study Medicine, for example, you know that you really want it and that you are ready to carry all the responsibilities that your decision brings. It is as important that a Muslim girl would know everything about herself and know everything her religion says about polygamy, for example, if ever she decides to go through that experience.
If a Muslim girl knows that GOD is Compassionate and does not burden people with something over their powers; if she knows that GOD is most Generous and would give her what she asks for; if she knows that polygamy is a mere choice not a compulsion on women; and if she is positive that cannot thrive under polygamy; would she ever be convinced with the arguments that polygamy advocates say about life and marriage?
Besides, psychological studies say that self knowledge would help you be happy, be in control of yourself, ready to make good decisions, at peace with your inner self, at peace with and tolerant towards others, resilient when it comes to social pressures, and full of energy. They encourage you to ask yourself questions like:
– What are the things that I value? Helping others, working in teams, healthy
   lifestyle, etc., could be the answer. Knowing that would motivate you to keep on
   and maybe on adding other related values too.
– What are the things that grab my attention or make me curious? The answer to
   such questions will inform you about what you are interested in and by that
   you come to know what makes you live vivid moments and what would
   constitute your deepest passion.
– Do my decisions follow my feelings or my reasoning? Do I feel energized by
   being among others or by being alone? Do I look more into the details of
   problem or into the big picture? Do I comprehend more through listening or
   vision? Similar questions will give you edge when you’re learning something
   or making decision about something.
– What is the most meaningful thing that happened to me?
– What are my points of strength?
– What is my goal or what is my call in life?
Good knowledge, particularly self-knowledge, can save you from bad decisions or from intimidation exercised by others. You would want to understand yourself better than anyone else would understand you and you can always ask for GOD’s help whenever you need guidance.
This is your life, you want to live it fully without jeopardizing your happiness because of incomplete or inaccurate knowledge.
You can take anything of the following tests or search the internet for similar quizzes on websites that you trust. They will help you know more about yourself.